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About Us

Welcome to Sid's Diner in El Reno Oklahoma. Our small diner offers a homey atmosphere and serves El Reno famous fried onion burgers also known as The depression burger. Back then meat was expensive and onions were cheap so in order to make a hearty meal onions would be used as substitution. We hand roll our patties every day and smash thin sliced onions on top. All the mean while everything is cooked fresh right in front of you. It's an experince that's rarely around anymore, you'll surely enjoy the 50s style atmosphere.
two men prepping in the kitchen
World famous slaw
While your're here don't forget to try one of our coneys made with our world famous hot dog slaw. Home made ofcoarse,it is not your regular coleslaw. It is something that you have to try atleast once in your life. This slaw also goes great on your burger and if you really love it some people also add it to their chili cheese fries.